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Explore water conservation with our water use calculator

Want to conserve water? Not sure where to start? Our Water Calculator quickly estimates how much water your household uses and compares it to a similar average and a highly efficient home.

The Water Calculator also shows you where to begin your home water conservation efforts. Throughout Home Water Works, you will find useful tips and resources for saving water and money without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

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Watch Our Videos!

Are you concerned about your water bill? Do you wonder what your residential water bill actually covers? And why your water rates are going up, even though you're using less? Watch our cool little videos to find out how conservation is a win-win. Click here.

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Handy Guide for Plumbing Maintenance

Looking for a great resource to help you repair and perform preventative maintenance on the fixtures in your house? Order a copy of the AWE/CalWEP Practical Plumbing Handbook to maximize your home’s plumbing efficiency!

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Quick & Easy Tips For Saving Water at Home and Work

Looking for quick and easy ways to save water? Read our water conservation and saving tips to see how easy it can be to conserve water at home and in the workplace!

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How to read your water meter

Learn the basics of reading your water meter. Learn why is it important, how to locate it, and about the various types. Cap it off by watching a video on how to use your water meter to find a leak.